🌟 Big News! Whole, All Natural, NAE Chicken Now on Our Menu! 🌟

Exciting times at Scratch Culinary Meal Prep Thanks to your valuable input, we’re overjoyed to unveil a game-changing update to our menu: Whole, All Natural, NAE (No Antibiotics Ever) Chicken Breast!

🎉 A Culinary Celebration! 🎉

Your feedback sparked a revolution in our kitchen. We’re now introducing chicken that’s not just a cut above – it’s a leap forward in quality and ethics. Whole for heartiness, all natural for purity, and NAE for a healthier, more responsible choice.

A Triple Win: Whole, Natural, NAE

  • Whole Goodness: Satisfy your appetite with our hearty, full-sized chicken breasts.
  • All Natural Purity: No additives, just pure, unadulterated chicken flavor.
  • NAE Promise: Raised responsibly without antibiotics, because we care about what you eat.

🚀 Join the Flavor Journey! 🚀

We’re rolling out this fantastic new offering and your palate is the judge! Dive into our new chicken dishes and share your thoughts. Your feedback is the compass that guides our culinary exploration.

Switching is a Breeze

Ready to taste the difference? Log into app.scratchculinary.com/login, select your subscription, add the new chicken options (look for the meals with a “⭐” in the upper right corner), hit one of the “Review” buttons, and then hit the “Update” button. It’s that simple!

Cheers to Healthy Eating!

We can’t wait for you to experience the rich, robust flavors of our Whole, All Natural, NAE Chicken. Thank you for inspiring this exhilarating new chapter in our journey to culinary excellence.

Chef's Choice Menu Previews

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