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Are you looking for a partner that can make a difference in the lives of your clients or team members? Read on to learn more!


Our meals are a perfect addition to the Health and Wellness industry, allowing you to offer a custom food service catering to your client’s dietary needs. 

Businesses that provide our meals as a work benefit foster a healthy work environment. Boost productivity and morale by showing team members that you care about their well-being on a comprehensive level. 

Have a cutting-edge service that fosters a culture of wellness and sets your institution apart.


The power of our web platform allows you to manage hundreds of individual subscriptions. We are partnered with businesses, weight-loss clinics, healthcare professionals, and health and wellness facilities across the valley by simplifying meal ordering for their team members or clients. We allow them to provide a completely customized experience with ease.


Each subscription caters to specific dietary needs and preferences by accommodating dislikes and allergies. In addition, our software generates special orders based on the unique needs of each subscription, providing unparalleled service with high-tech meal prep.


We deliver orders every Monday and Wednesday, with one flat fee for both days. Deliveries can be sent to your place of business or the residence of your client or team member.

Our service lets you focus more deeply on your client’s or team’s needs, creating lasting relationships with those you serve. 

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