NEW GYM PERK – Sample Meals

We have exciting news – we will be supplying all gym affiliates with sample meals as a new gym perk! If you are a gym owner, or athletic coach and would like to partner with us we would love to have you as a partner in our Wellness Coalition. Partners can enjoy a huge value-add by offering sample meals to their clients/ members. We want to transform the way people eat, so they can transform the way they live.

Those of us in the Health and Wellness space understand the importance of an “on-demand ” healthy meal. We are less likely to choose the less healthy alternative that we know will throw our nutrition goals into a tailspin. Our own mindset is so ingrained in our habits we often forget to mention all of the benefits to the clients we serve. Remember to tell clients the benefits when they get a sample to reinforce the impact of having “on-demand” healthy meals can have on their overall quality of life and physical performance.

Main Points:

  • Helps to achieve health and fitness goals faster, will less work.
  • Stabilizes mood by being consistently nutritionally balanced.
  • Hassle-free portion control.
  • Curbs overeating.
  • Bypasses food waste.
  • Adds 4 hours back to their week by having us shop, plan, cook, portion, and clean for them.

We are so excited to team up with our partners to make eating healthy the most convenient option. Let’s spread the secret sauce of a healthy lifestyle and make proper nutrition attainable!

Wondering if your gym will be getting sample meals? Check out our Wellness Coalition page to see!

Want to learn more about the benefits of healthy prepared meals? Since we are fanatics we have one link that will help add to your recipe book of nutrition knowledge. Checkout: Harvard T.H. Chan.

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