New Website Launched

Companies are a lot like people.

They must adapt to grow. They must revisit customer needs, the systems in place, and the people in them. They review to see if things need to be changed and make revisions if necessary.

People are usually less methodical in their approach, but the truth remains: to grow, we must adapt. We must test our limits and push ourselves to stay uncomfortable to gain insight, grit, and sometimes even courage. The path to growth is not an easy quest. Sometimes we fail, we fall, but what matters is that we stay the course.

At Scratch, we are consistently evolving for you, the customer. And in that spirit, we are happy to announce the launch of our new website!

What can you expect?

What is remaining the same?

  • Your meal delivery service.
  • Access and management of your account from our web app (
  • Our weekly Chef’s Choice menu previews will still be sent via email (if you are subscribed for the upcoming week of meal delivery).

That’s it for now! We look forward to staying the course with you as we continue building something wonderful together!


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Chef’s Choice Menu Drop for November 19th

We hope you enjoy! Sunday or Monday Curry Chicken – with Jasmine Rice and Sautéed Bell Peppers & Onions. Herb Turkey Meatloaf – with Sweet Potato, Steamed

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