“Door Drop” Terms of Agreement

Read on to learn more about the terms for our “Door Drop” agreement.

Scratch Catering, LLC Meal Delivery “Door Drop” Terms of Agreement

Thank you for choosing Scratch Catering, LLC. By opting for our door-drop delivery service and agreeing to these terms, you provide ongoing authorization for us to leave your meals at your door or another specified spot for all future deliveries.

  1. Delivery Method: You permit Scratch Catering, LLC and its subsidiaries to deliver and leave meals outside at your designated location, wrapped in protective plastic.

  2. Acknowledgment of Risks: You understand that delivered meals are perishable and may be exposed to external conditions that could impact their quality and safety. Immediate refrigeration is advised upon receipt.

  3. Theft and Tampering: You accept the risk of theft or tampering of the meals once they are delivered to your specified location.

  4. Liability Release: You release Scratch Catering, LLC, its subsidiaries, and all associated parties from any claims related to illnesses or harm resulting from the consumption of the delivered meals. This includes any issues due to spoilage, environmental exposure, theft, or tampering.

  5. Informed Consent and Ongoing Agreement: By consenting to these terms, you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the associated risks, not only for the current delivery but for all future deliveries.

  6. Electronic Agreement: Your reply of “AGREE” followed by your name serves as your ongoing consent to these terms for all future deliveries, acting as your electronic signature and agreement.

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