Scratch Culinary Meal Prep 

Our macros based meal prep service is designed to support a healthy lifestyle. 

Our meals are prepared fresh and delivered to your home, work, or gym on Mondays and Wednesdays typically before 1pm. 

The menu items are created every week, keeping the meals interesting and new. 


We offer three size options: 

400 series-  40 protein, 30 carb, 13 fat -400 calories.

500 series- 50 protein, 38 carb, 16 fat -500 calories.

700 series- 60 protein, 72 carb, 19 fat -700 calories.

All meals are meticulously measured in grams when portioned.


The 400 & 500 series meals are designed with a target macros of 40% protein 30% carbs and 30% fat.

The 700 series meal is designed with a target macros of 35% protein 40% carbs and 25% fat.


Members are billed weekly for whichever package they choose. Price package can be ANY amount of meal over 5.

*You may order ANY amount of meals with 5 being the minimum amount of meals per week.*


400 series: 5 meals per week $40+tax, 7 meals per week $52.50+tax, 9 meals per week $65+tax

500 series: 5 meals per week $44.75+tax, 7 meals per week $60+tax, 9 meals per week $74+tax

700 series: 5 meals per week $54.75+tax, 7 meals per week $74+tax, 9 meals per week $92+tax


We also offer BREAKFAST options at 400 series pricing.  Please see below for the breakfast menu options.  We also have a NEW SUMMER SALAD menu available at 500 series pricing, also available below.  Ask us for more information.

All new Sign-ups, Holds, Changes, and Cancellations must be done no later than 5pm the Friday prior to Mondays delivery.

Please click here to visit our Meal Prep FAQ's page for more information or Contact Us at 602-668-7716.


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