Where can I find your meal prep menu?

We do not have menus to view and order from. We focus on variety and change our items week to week.  Visit our social media pages to be able to see these items, or contact us using the form on the subscription page for more information.  We create so many different meals you rarely get the same meals twice.

How many meals per week do you create?

We create 6 different chef-driven menu items per week.  There is 3 different meals created for Mondays delivery and 3 meals for Wednesdays.  

Are the menus available in advance? 

The menu items will not be sent out ahead of time.

Are the meals already cooked?

Our meals are ready to eat.

Are the meals gluten free?

We do not use products containing gluten in our regular meals, however we are not certified gluten free.

Are there vegetarian options?

We do not offer a vegetarian or vegan menu line at this time.

Are the meals dairy free?

We do not use products containing dairy with the exception of side sauces that can be omitted.

Are the meals high in sodium?

We do season our food to please a broad range of pallets. Everyone is welcome to season their meals to fit their taste.

Are the meals organic?

Our products are not organic. We do focus on procuring quality product from reputable vendors in the valley. We may develop an all organic product in the future which will be at a different price point. Please share your interest in that product line so we can review the demand for it.

Do the meals contain seafood?

No, we only use chicken, turkey, pork, and lean beef.

Can you accommodate food allergies or dislikes?

Yes, we can accommodate most requests within reason.

Are the meals Paleo? Whole 30? Ketogenic?

We do not follow Paleo or Whole 30 principals. We are 100% focused on our macros based format.  If you contact us we CAN make these modifications for you.

What are macros?

Macros is short for macro nutrients. Macro nutrients are the protein, carbohydrates, and fat that make up the calories in food.  Here is a simple breakdown.

1 gram of protein = 4 calories

1 gram of carbs = 4 calories

1 gram of fat = 9 calories!

As you can see fat is more than double the calories of protein and carb.  Macros is a calories in vs. calories out concept.

What are the macros in your meals?

The 400 and 500 series meals are designed with a target macros of 40% protein, 30% carbs, and 30% fat.  The 700 series meals are designed with our heavy hitters in mind having a target macro ratio of 35% protein, 40% carbs, and 25% fat. All the meals within that series have the exact same macros so it's a breeze to track in My Fitness Pal.

  • The 400 series meal is 40g protein, 30g carb, 13g fat -400 calories
  • The 500 series meal is 50g protein, 38g carb, 16g fat -500 calories
  • The 700 series meal is 60g protein, 72g carb, 19g fat -700 calories

Can we portion the macros differently for you?

We do not offer individualized macros portioning. Our meals are built to fit a broad range of clients macros. This allows you the flexibility to fill the gaps throughout your day with other snacks and beverages to hit your target macros. This helps keep our production efficient, and our costs in line to offer great pricing to our clients vs. our competitors.

How do you log your meals in My Fitness Pal?

Click here to see how.  

Do you have someone on staff that can tell me more about macros?

Contact Shannon directly for details about macro coaching, this is a service offered independently by a Fitness Nutrition Specialist team member of SC Meal Prep. SC Meal Prep does not make claims of results based on the meal prep program, although many clients have seen wonderful results by using our meals and macro coaching.

Can I order meals with no carbs or 1/2 carbs?

We can eliminate all carbs except veggies and we can also serve 1/2 carb.  Keep in mind this will create less variety to your meals.  The macro/calorie labeling on your meals will be void with this option as well.

Can I get my meals with extra sauces added?

We are creating healthy meals with the same macro nutrient breakdown. If your someone that likes more sauce you can certainly add your own.

How long are the meals good for?

The meals have a 5 day shelf life. You may also freeze them within 5 days. If you reheat from frozen add an additional minute or so to your cooking time.

Can I meet the Chef?

Chef Giovanni is always out at our Gym and Crossfit Box affiliates doing tastings so he may show up at yours! If you need to speak to him at any time we can provide his email and phone number on request.

The Basics


Why should I sign up?

Are you tired of grocery shopping, cooking, and doing dishes? Are you throwing away food that went bad because you never had time to prepare it? Are you always on the go and find yourself eating out way too often? Making bad choices and eating processed snacks that you don't even really like? Eating the same things because you know it fits your macros? Are you workouts on point but your food choices keeping you fluffy? Have you considered prepping meals but never seem to find the time to do so? Its time to get your life back, set yourself up for success, and let us do the work for you!

Can I sign up for a one week trial?

You can sign up for a week, and if you choose to cancel your cancellation must be done through the website by 5pm the Friday prior to next weeks first delivery. No exceptions.

How do I sign up?

The links for all our forms are on the bottom of our Meal Preps Subscriptions page. 

When will I be charged?

You will not be charged at sign up. You will only be charged on Fridays for the Following weeks delivery.

When is the deadline to start?

Sign ups must be received by 5pm Friday prior to Mondays delivery.  Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate mid-week start-ups.

How many meals can I order per week?

You can order as many meals per week as you like with a minimum of 5 meals. The meal plans are discounted when you order 7 or more meals per week in a meal line.

How do I know what meal plan I should get?

That is personal preference. We think all the meal sizes are filling.   When you consume nutrient dense, low fat foods they are lower in calories. This makes for a good sized meal.

Can I put my subscription on hold?

Absolutely, you can place your subscription on hold at any time. The deadline for hold requests must be made by 5pm the Friday prior to Mondays delivery. No exceptions.

What is the cost for delivery?

Delivery is a fixed weekly fee.  We are able to do this by having multiple clients in different routes and ensuring the delivery process is seamless.

The fixed weekly fee is:

  • Home Delivery- $5 a week per household
  • Business Delivery- $5 a week per person/ household
  • Official sXc Gyms & Boxes- $2.50 a week per person/ household

Someone must be present to accept delivery. We do not leave meals by your door even in a cooler box or insulated bag.  If a client is not able to receive their delivery, a charge will be incurred for re-delivery of those meals. If we have made a mistake in your delivery we will always make it right at no additional charge.

Where can my meals be delivered?

Subscriptions can be delivered to your home, work, neighbors, friends, relatives, or gyms we a partnered with. Please contact us with special circumstances you are unsure of.

When will my meals be delivered?

We deliver meals on Monday and Wednesday mornings typically before NOON.  Someone must be present to accept delivery.  Unfortunately our delivery times are a moving target, we are growing fast and the delivery routes are constantly changing. We start delivery as early as 8:00am and try to be finished by 11:00am.

Can I get delivery on just Mondays or Wednesdays and not both days?

Yes. However the minimum order per week is still 5 meals. You will also receive less variety because we create different meal for Mondays and Wednesdays

Can I pick up my meals?

We do not have meals on hand for grab and go options.  Perhaps your gym will allow us to deliver there for you?

Am I in your delivery area?

We deliver anywhere in Phoenix and neighboring cities such as Peoria, Glendale, Goodyear, Avondale, Surprise, Anthem, Cave Creek, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler,  and Queen Creek. Please inquire to ensure we deliver to your area.

Do we deliver out of state?

We do not deliver out of state at this time. Look for this in the future though!

Are you on social media?

Yes. We are Scratch Culinary on Facebook and Instagram. We would love for you to follow us and we do post food sneak peeks of what is being delivered when time permits. Please tag us and tell all your friends. We love our customers support and referrals!

I am a gym owner, is there any benefit for us if we use your meal prep service for our members?

Yes! We work with several gyms already. Once you schedule a tasting with us your owners and coaches will qualify for coach pricing. We typically deliver meals for your members to your Gym or Crossfit Box affiliate. We would be happy to provide a refrigerator if needed.  Email us for the specifics on this program.


Are the meal prep containers microwave safe?

Yes the meal prep containers we use are microwave safe.

What is the best way to reheat my meals?

We recommend that you lift a corner of the container lid for venting and heat for 2-2.5 minutes in the microwave. Allow the meal to sit with the lid on for 1 minute. Some of our breakfasts may require less heating time.

What if I don't want to use a microwave?

The meals can be removed from the plastic container and placed in an oven safe pan to heat in the oven.